In the heart of Hilversum, on the historic grounds of the Beiersdorf factories, a new co-working and co-living project has been built. Filled with tenants and young, ambitious people, this vibrant space close to Hilversum Station is already a landmark in the area.

But it wasn’t always like that. Back when there were only abandoned old factories, we were asked to create an identity for the area. We went to work, and right now loads of people happily live and work here!


With several big enterprises around such as the European headquarters of Nike and Sonos among others, Hilversum is no stranger to housing big companies and enterprises.

To put real estate project in the market is basically selling meters and concrete you want to rent-out. But this piece of real estate is different. Therefore the client decided that it needed more than just a high-end renovation. It needed a creative concept with a catchy name and smart branding with a sustainable appearance.


From the first moment we arrived at the building plot and we went up on the roof, we realized how special the location is. Surrounded by a wooded area, we immediately had a kind of Silicon Valley kind of feeling.

Next to this, we heard about the plans of creating a true park estate around the buildings, with more space for nature and less for parking lots and roads.

Many strategies are often based on extensive research and data. But sometimes you just need to trust on your experience and guts feeling.


Knowing that the building is situated in a beautiful location surrounded by nature and from a birds eye’s view the building is shaped like an ‘H’, it was like putting one and two together.

How is this interpreted? By giving both ‘doing’ (action) and ‘being’ (relaxation) a place and by facilitating the (diverse) activities of residents, workers and guests inside the building but also in the surrounding areas.

Next to this you can add the Hilversum ‘H’, and a name is born: H-Park.


Live. Work. Create.

The three conceptual pillars of H-Park are exactly what makes this ground unique. It is outdated that living, working and relaxing are three separate parts of life. H-Park is there for the future. A future in which you sometimes take your work home, but can also relax at work.

Live. Work. Create. It’s just simple as that.
Exactly what H-Park is and what it stands for.


Living in H-Park means being surrounded by activity. With the possibility to withdraw at any time. It means that you can also lock yourself in your own living unit and spend an evening at home alone or with friends. As a resident you form the backbone of H-Park.


Working hard in an inspiring environment. That’s H-Park. An environment that stimulates hard work. In which everyone, individually and with each other, wants to get the best out of it. Every day again. H-Park offers space for the self-employed, but also for larger companies that want to settle in a dazzling environment.


Where people and ideas come together, new things arise. That is no different in H-Park. Entrepreneurs, creatives, workers and free spirits automatically come into contact at H-Park if they choose to do so. That can only result in nice collaborations.

H-Park - Live.


From Identity to Creation.


For this logo we were looking for something that resembles the space and the builing; modern sophisticated yet friendly and open. A versatile logotype containing the three pillars of the brand.

Logo Icon:

When looking at the space from a birds eye view, you can clearly see that the structure of the icon is based on the letters H and P and the shape of the building. Also the shape has a very natural flow to it, which represents the nature that surrounds H-Park.


Taking it a bit further on the nature angle, the brand colours are based off nature too; the sky, water and plants. Combining these into a modern and clean gradient set at an 120 degree angle to make it pop.