Shareable content to raise awareness for a rock ‘n roll NGO

A disruptive force in the ngo-world, that’s how Movement On The Ground is often described. This rock ‘n roll ngo makes an impact on the lives of thousands of people every day.

Movement is constantly changing the game, improving the way people are treated every day. When confronted with the situation on Lesvos, where Movement is most active, and seeing the work they do, we couldn’t stand on the sideline anymore and offered our services.

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Content Marketing

Improving dignity for the refugee population with storytelling

When you’re busy helping people on Lesvos, taking a nice picture isn’t the first thing that pops in your head. We get that. However, content and stories are needed to show the world what Movement is currently undertaking.

So, we helped them by implementing a content strategy, and structuring their communications. With fragmented bits and pieces coming from Lesvos, that was difficult enough.

As of May 2018 we helped to lift the Movement On The Ground social channels and website to the next level and are currently still doing so.

charity event

Improving dignity for the refugee population with storytelling

Our efforts for Movement On The Ground started with a collaboration with the Billie Lucky Foundation. We have been working with the charity foundation, which is part of The Billie Lucky Group of Companies since 2015 and did amazing projects together such as the ‘Pink Parking’ concept for Pink Ribbon and supporting The Friendship Sportscentre, the first sports centre in the world dedicated to sports for disabled children.

Together with the Billie Lucky Foundation we committed to raise donations. With the organization of a charity golf event and a concept which is called ‘Adopt an Olive Tree’, we have raised and dontaed over € 150.000, improving the lives of vulnerable refugees on the ‘Olive Grove’, next to Camp Moira.

From attention to action

What you can do

We aim to share the story and achievements of Movement to the world, so if we still have your attention, that’s good. Now let’s turn that attention into action.

Helping can be done In so many ways. Even if it is only telling the story of Movement to a friend, that helps. Donating also helps, obviously.

But do you have a specific skill, or are you part of a company that can help Movement going in the right direction, reach out to us (or them) and see what you can do!

We promise it’ll make you feel better.