They build amazing yachts, we build an incredible brand

Sichterman Yachts is a Dutch boutique yacht builder which combines decades of family craftmanship with smart design and super yacht technology. This results in a new company which has been shaken up the yacht industry in their own, unconventional way.


The founders of this new yachting concept challenged us to build up the brand starting from from scratch.

The fundament of the brand is the technical idea. Now this idea needs to be transformed into a winning brand within the (super) yachting industry.


For any startup, a great idea is the message. A great brand is the bullhorn. For people to hear about a startup, and even more than that, to remember it when they need to, a startup’s message has to be loud and clear.

The strategy for the yachting concept was to build a brand by creating an interesting, human identity, which breaths passion, boutique luxury and desirability.


The result so far is a naming and identity which is based on true storytelling and embodies both the concept and the background of the founders:

Sichterman Yachts – Dutch Boutique Yacht Builder.

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Albert Sichterman, a Dutch V.O.C. merchant from the 18th century

Creating a compelling and winning storytelling is sometimes a hard job. But when we found out that one of the founders of the company is related to Dutch seafarer and entrepreneur Albert Sichterman, we knew we had the opportunity to create an amazing story and identity.

Portrait of Jan Albert Sichterman, with his son Jan Albert